K.C. Harmon
Born in Kosiusco, Missippi, KC Harmon moved to Cleveland as a young man to play the blues. He joined the Travis Haddix Band in 1984 and served for 21 years road manager, traveling and experiencing the blues around rhe world. In 2004 KC sang with the quartet featuring O'Jay's trombonist Marvin Young. He started the Unique Blues Band in 2005 to bring audiences everywhere the best in Mississippi and Chicago style southern blues.

  Danny Danny McFadden - Guitar
Danny is a native of the greater Cleveland area and has been playing guitar for over 30 years. He is a master of the swing and jump styles of the blues, and cites BB. King, Albert King, Robert Lockwood, and Glenn Schwartz as influences. In fact, he received his training in blues guitar from the legendary Glenn Schwartz, who was a friend of the family. In addition to playing and recording with the Unique Blues Band, Danny has been the leader of the Elm Street Blues Band for 20 years.
  Doug Harvey - Bass
Hailing from the Boston area, Doug has played bass, guitar and keyboards in numerous genres and settings for over 40 years. He co-led the Sportin' Life Orchestra, which toured the Southeast in the 80's with a lively mix of swing, jump and bebop and worked as a sideman in jazz ensembles fronted by swing violinist Hash House Harvey Ellington and by bebop pianist and former Charlie Parker sideman Brother Yusef, as well as in Minneapolis-based big band The Executives. He moved to the Cleveland area in 1992.
  Dale Dale Jones - Drums
Also a native of the greater Cleveland area, Dale has been an in demand first call drummer for many musical organizations for many years. He is proficient in R&B and funk in addition to the blues. This is his second tour of duty with the Unique Blues Band.